Thiago Arancam

Jag lärde känna operasångaren Thiago Arancam när han var i Malmö och spelade Maskeradbalen. Han kom på den fantastiska idén att jag borde göra en intervju med honom med anledning av hans sidoprojekt utöver opera, så här kommer den!



Hola Thiago, gracias a respondar a estas preguntas!

Como estás?

Buenos dias e Feliz Cumpleaños!

And that’s about all Spanish we are going to speak today… I hope you’ve had some time to rest after your trip to Malmo. Thank you so much for the show, it was truly amazing!

Perfect, next time we’ll do the whole interview in Spanish! Actually, I didn’t get the time to rest, you know me ”Whoever stops die” haha. It was my pleasure to have you at the shows, I’m really looking forward to my next trip to Malmo, I had a great time!

Thiago Arancam, half Italian/Brazilian, tenor, great businessman and my very good friend. How come you started singing opera in the first place?

Thank you, but like I told you before, I’m not a great businessman, I’m just curious! Sometimes I get lucky and other times I can learn from my mistakes. But for sure, first of all I am an opera singer. It all started when I was 7 years old, I was invited to join the a famous children chorus after I did a simple audition singing ”Happy Birthday”. The masterchorus said:

– You have such a nice voice, ask your parents if you can join our group!

I was so happy! The way on becoming an opera singer was long though. I was still only a child and it takes long time to develop the voice, there’s really hard work behind singing opera.

I sang in the chorus until I was 13, after that I started to do small events as a soloist and that’s when I started my first real business. I realized that if I wanted to become a professional, I would have to invest in myself by studying and continue to develop my own talent and voice. The learning never ends and I still study hard, I just never stop! This week I’m actually going to Italy to study and work on my businesses.

You are first of all famous for your voice but I have come to understand that you have ”a few” other projects as well, would you like to tell me about them?

One of my first projects was to build houses for families in Brazil, giving them the possibility to buy their first homes. I’ve also invested in showbiz, actually, in the beginning of my career I had my own record label. I’m also a member of a rotary club where we develop different philantropic projects.

What’s your latest project?

At the moment I’m looking into the possibility to invest in alternative energy – solar plants.

How come you decided to get into green solar plants?

Actually, it was a coincidence. I haven’t told you before but when I was younger I studied mecatronic, industrial electronic and industrial automation.

I discussed the possibilities of taking solar plants to Brazil with my father in law. It’s definitetly the right time now hence they have big problems regarding power sources in Brazil. The hydro-power plants they use today are saturated that comes with big problems. I want to develop something clean that could be useful for all the people of Brazil.

What is it that drives you?

Passion… I love challenges and adrenaline!

I also know that you have your own jewelry brand, tell me about that.

My father’s wife worked in the jewelry market as an employee at different jewelry shops for over 20 years. I was curious (as always) and started to make surveys and studied the jewelry market. I found that the return in many cases were high and I got interested in creating my own brand using my name, that’s how I started Arancam Joias which was my first real business beside my singing career.

How come you succeed in everything that you do?

Someone told me after they heard me sing that if I always use my heart while singing, I will never be lost. I decided to always use this mindset in everything I do. Whenever I’m starting a new project I’m dedicating my heart, soul and passion to make it a success. However, it’s important to remember that you have to take pride in what you do. It’s not important whether you win or loose, only to be yourself.

Thank you so much Thiago, always a pleasure!

Happy trading!


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  1. Interesting interview, Anna! He mentioned being interested in investing in solar energy and also investigating in establishing it in Brazil alongside his other projects.
    I couldn’t help thinking about a Swedish startup company I’ve been hearing a lot about lately. They’re called Trine and they invest in solar energy in 3rd world countries. The whole idea is based on looking for people to invest in their idea. Here’s a recent article by DI about them:

    Now I don’t know if what they do will match at all what you’re opera-singing friend is planning but I’ll share this with you anyway. Maybe it’ll lead to something, maybe it doesn’t but at least I gave it shot. What the heck, right? 😉

    Keep them articles coming. I like reading them! 🙂


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